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50+ ways to donate, sell or recycle your stuff!

Updated: Mar 20

You've done a great job sorting through your things deciding what items you want to keep and you're left with unwanted items. Now what? If you're like most homeowners I work with, you'll know where you want to take some items, while other items (electronics or hazardous waste) are a bit more unclear. Not to worry! This post will help you navigate the options of

  • Donating

  • Selling

  • Recycling

  • Hazard Waste Disposal

This post includes many national solutions to getting rid of your stuff along with options in my home town of Minneapolis-St. Paul.


I'm an advocate for donating unwanted items since the need in our communities is large. While an item no longer brings you joy, it might be the very thing someone else has been looking for quite some time.

Give Back Box

Give Back Box partners with many retailers and has truly created a new method of waste diversion. In addition to creating a secondary use for the shipping box and guaranteeing that it will be recycled, it helps clear closets.


Fill out a pre-requested bag from the site, mail your items for donation or to sell.


Bridging is one of my go-to recommendations for furnishings and household items. You can drop off items at the Bridging facilities in Bloomington or schedule a pick up for a small fee. Bridging was founded on a simple idea that together we can create a bridge between those in need and those in excess.

Hope Chest for Breast Cancer

Hope Chest for Breast Cancer is a resale shop including upscale home furnishings and accessories as well as high-end women's clothing. A percentage of the revenue funds the Emergency Assistance Grants that support local breast cancer patients and their families with financial support. You can drop off items at their resale shops located in Bloomington, Eden Prairie and Orono or schedule a pick up for a small fee.

Sharing & Caring Hands

Sharing & Caring Hands is set up to help with whatever needs of the poor are not being met. This includes providing meals, clothing, showers, shelter, transportation, rent assistance, medical assistance, dental care and other expenses. You can drop off items at their facilities in Minneapolis.

Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota

Disabled American Veterans is a national organization whose mission is to help build better lives for veterans and their families. The Minnesota chapter has the same mission, but the dollars stay in the state to help Minnesota veterans and their families. You can drop off items at several Twin Cities drop off locations or schedule a pick up.

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. They believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities. To help fund their mission, the accept donations of household goods and building materials they sell at their restores. You can drop off items at their restores or schedule a pick up.