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Closets + Pantries are some of the hardest working spaces in a home. And, when cluttered and unorganized, they are also the spaces that create the most stress for individuals and families. 

If you’re tired of searching for things to wear or throwing away food that has expired because you cannot find it, we can help. Oftentimes, the challenge is that few homes are designed out of the gate with high-functioning closet + pantry spaces.   

Neat Little Nest can help you declutter these specific areas and uncover square footage you never knew you even had.  We save you oodles of time by doing the thinking, designing and re-organizing for you.

How we can help

  • Closet design | organization

  • Garage design | organization

  • Hobby room design | organization

  • Kids room organization

  • Kitchen organization

  • Office space design | organization

  • Paper + critical documents organization

  • Playroom design | organization

  • Storage room design | organization

  • Basement organization

Pricing + Service Area

Hourly rate: The hourly rate is $185 for a team of 2 and $250 for a team of 3. Shopping fee: $250 flat fee to purchase all necessary products (per project) and facilitate any returns. All product purchased is subject to client approval.

Service area

Neat Little Nest primarily services the Twin Cities suburban area, but does travel throughout the U.S. as well. A travel fee is applied for clients located more than 50 miles from the Twin Cities. Trips outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area are quoted individually.

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