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curb post-holiday clutter now

It happens to all of us - that moment in late December or early January when you look around your house and see the accumulation of post-holiday clutter. It is the day where your attitude can shift from jolly and joyful to grinch. Holiday decor is still up, new gifts are laying around waiting for a "home", recycling bins are stuffed to the brim, fridges are packed with uneaten leftovers and tinsel and wrapping paper bits litter your floor.

The nature of bringing new items into your home always creates post-holiday clutter even for the most organized of us. If you would like to curb a lot of it now, we are sharing our favorite Neat Little Nest strategies for how to set yourself up for success before any gifts have even been opened.

declutter + purge clothes, toys and tech

For the time-strapped (most everyone this time of year), focus your decluttering in areas of your home where you're likely to see the most new stuff come in. According to a study by Retail Me Not, the top four gift-giving categories for 2021 will be clothing (58%), gift cards (54%), toys (40%) and small electronics (38%). For that reason, closets, dressers, toy bins and gadget drawers are where you might want to focus your pre-holiday decluttering + purging.

For tips to declutter toys, check out our Neat Little Nest blog post on decluttering with kids: toys edition and lego organization + creative types. Teaching your kids the art of letting go of things they don't play with anymore is an essential part of growing up.

Decluttering tech can be intimidating, but with our blog post on how to declutter + discard your technology devices we provide you steps with just how to do it.

adopt a gift-giving strategy

A gift-giving strategy for families is one way to help you from overbuying. It's different than a gift-giving budget, but they are connected. A popular gift-giving strategy is the four gift rule, which is buying one gift from the following four categories:

  • one item they want

  • one item they need

  • one item they wear

  • one item they read

You will see that more gift-giving strategies have come out since (5, 6, 7 and even 8