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Michele Vig, Neat Little Nest Owner + Chief Organizer

Hello! Here I share my passion for creating both beautifully organized + designed spaces. I hope you find some inspiration.


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the 2021 Neat Little Nest Planner is here!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

For those of you who find it a challenge to keep track of to-dos, tasks, meal planning, and general notes and goals, finding a planner that works for you is essential. It took me a lot of trial and error to find a planner system that works for me and it will likely be the same for you, but don't stop trying to find one until you do.

For me personally, I discovered and began routinely using a bullet journal. I loved that starting it was as easy as picking up a notebook and a pen and placing everything in one location. That was a major and significant simplifier for my life!

What I didn't always love about bullet journaling is the time it took to create all of the pages, so I created one, the Neat Little Planner. At first, I had created the planner pages just for me however after being asked numerous times to share how I stay on top of everything, I decided to make it available to all.

So, I'm excited to share that Neat Little Nest's 2021 Neat Little Planner is hot off the press.

Much like previous planners, this year's downloadable version has monthly, weekly and daily planning pages as well as the My Desired Life wheel and worksheets and goal-setting prompts. The planner starts in October 2020, so you can start right away!

It starts with vision
The My Desired Life worksheets help you reflect on today and chart a course for tomorrow.

I've always been a dreamer of sorts, but I hadn't always written those dreams down. Once I started jotting them into my planner, it was easier for me to create the steps needed to reach those dreams and goals. A study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, confirms that what I observed was true as she found that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

Then it's about PLANNING

The Neat Little Nest Monthly Success Planner pages provides a framework for you to plan out a whole month. It has space for you to write a vision statement along with a solid architecture for writing down what's important, what's urgent, and what can wait. Additionally, the Neat Little Nest Monthly Planner Spread provides you a sneak peak at what's coming up and space to reflect on your accomplishments.

With your monthly focus crystal clear, it is easier to divide work into the tasks you need to accomplish each week. The Neat Little Nest Weekly Success Planner pages provides you with a framework to help you focus on what you'd like to accomplish in one week's time. There is space for you to plan out your work, brainstorm meals, track habits, take notes and write down an inspirational message or two to help motivate you for the week ahead!​

The Neat Little Nest Weekly Success Planner is two power-packed pages to help you keep track of your week.

The Neat Little Nest Daily Success Planner helps you focus on two important areas each day - gratitude and to-do's. Gratitude is included in the daily planner as studies have shown the benefits of a daily gratitude practice included an overall feeling of happiness and less depression. Isn't that what we're all looking for? There is also space for you to write down the lists of tasks you need to accomplish, space for an inspirational message to start the day and space to write your thoughts on how the day went at day's end.​

The Neat Little Nest Daily Success Planner is your go-to scheduler to keep you on top of your daily tasks.
Make it YOURS

What I love most about a printable planner are the many possibilities to make it your own.

Personally, I use a combination of gluing the printable pages into a spiral bound notebook along with hand writing bullet-journal style my daily tasks, notes and brain dumps. I've heard from others who like to use a 3-hole binder for their planner and others who print out the weekly calendar and post it in their office each week.

However you choose to use the pages of the planner, they are intended for you to make yours in a way that works for YOU. I'm so excited to share the updates for this planner and hope you love them as much as I do.

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