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neat little nest's top 20 budget-friendly organizing tools

Updated: Mar 30

The power that a few bins, dividers and baskets can have to transform a cupboard, closet or a drawer is undeniable, however to fully organize a space you often need to buy multiples of those items which can add up. If you are looking to declutter + organize, but have less money in your budget to invest on bins and baskets, there are many ways to get the job done with budget-friendly options.

Below are Neat Little Nest's top twenty budget-friendly finds.

budget-friendly shelving
This playroom was designed with the Kallax shelving system from IKEA

Often we find that our clients have organizing bins aplenty, but they lack shelving to create a lasting functional system. When you shop for shelving, consider what you will be putting on it before you buy. Many of the cheapest choices have shallow shelves and zero ability to adjust. Budget-friendly is getting the best shelving you can for your money rather than just the cheapest in price that you can find.

Here are some shelving systems we recommend:

#1 - Kallax from IKEA - the Kallax units from IKEA are some of our favorites to use when organizing because they are easy to assemble, they are sturdy and the customization is incredible since you can add baskets, drawers and other inserts. You can get an 8-slot tower for under $70 and baskets for as low as $4 a piece.

#2 - Muscle racks - metal muscle racks are a great option when organizing storage rooms and garages because they are strong and can handle heavy loads, the shelves are adjustable and they are deep enough to hold large storage totes. At the time of this writing, the Edsal unit is almost 50% off placing it under $70 for a 5-shelf unit.

#3 - Wire racks - wire racks can be used in kitchens, pantries, storage rooms, garages and elsewhere. They are versatile as they come in a variety of sizes, are adjustable, are durable and you can add more shelves if you need to. For garages and storage rooms, we like to get deeper shelves, so our pick is SafeRacks 18 x 48 x 72 inch version which is priced at $120. SafeRacks has many other sizes available starting at $65.

#4 - DIY shelves - the most budget-friendly option is using DIY shelving from your local home improvement store in some combination with shelving brackets you secure to the wall. We recommend finding the longest piece of shelving you can buy (wood, MDF or melamine) and have the store cut the shelving down to the lengths and specifications that your space requires. In some closets that Neat Little Nest has designed we can get 6 shelves for one piece for under $20.

budget-friendly drawer organizers
Makeup drawers often require special sized organizers. STORI brand shown above is our top pick.

#5-7 - Clear plastic drawer organizers - we have experimented with a variety of clear plastic drawer organizers and we like different ones for different reasons. For best bang-for-your-buck, the 32-piece set from Kootek is a winner because you can use multiple drawers in your home for about $1 per organizer. For makeup, we like to use the 10-piece set from STORI combined with their 12 x 6 larger organizer for color palettes and larger beauty items.

#8 - Bamboo drawer organizers - for those of you who prefer a more eco-friendly drawer organizer, bamboo is a wonderful alternative. It is pricier than plastic, but there are some good value options available. Our favorite is the Kootek 6-piece set because the two larger pieces can be divided up into smaller pieces.

#9-10 - Drawer dividers - there are many times when simply dividing a drawer into a couple of sections is all you need to improve its overall organization. Our top pick plastic drawer divide is the 4-pack from SJEhome, while our favorite bamboo divider is the 4-pack from Lawei.

budget-friendly fabric bins and baskets