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Hello! Here I share my passion for creating both beautifully organized + designed spaces. I hope you find some inspiration.


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diy makeup organization

As a child, my mom canned so many different fruits and vegetables. Our job was always to help her match up lids, rings and bottoms of her Ball® Pint Jars so they were ready for canning day! As an adult, I continued to use Ball® jars, but for a variety of reasons around my homes. To say I love Ball® jars is an understatement.

You can imagine my excitement when the makers of Ball® home canning products asked me to become an Ambassador in 2021. I was over the moon excited! Starting with this sweet DIY makeup organizer, you'll see inspirations from me all year long.

To make this sweet jar to organize your makeup brushes was only a few steps.

step one: gather supplies

The first step in any DIY project is to gather up all the supplies. Below is a list of supplies you will need for this project:

  • Ball® jars in the size that best fits your makeup brushes. I used a Ball® Pint Jar and a Ball® 16 oz. Jar

  • Ball® lid to fit the jar size you selected

  • Gold spray paint

  • Gold vinyl eyelashes*

*The gold vinyl eyelashes are made on a vinyl cutting machine like silhouette or cricut or can be purchased.

If you are making the vinyl eyelashes on your vinyl cutting machine and need an eyelash .svg file, I purchased mine from the Magic Art Lab on Etsy. If you do not have a vinyl cutting machine, don't worry, there are different companies on Etsy where you can purchase a completed vinyl eyelash.

step 2: paint your Ball® canning jar

Use quick and light strokes with to put your spray paint onto your Ball® lid. I prefer to spray paint outside and on cardboard to keep the paint fumes and mess to a minimum.

step 3: make (or buy!) your eyelashes

If you have a vinyl cutting machine, you will make your vinyl eyelashes just like you would with any other vinyl project before this one. You will pull open a new file, upload your .svg file and create the size you want.

Once your vinyl is cut, you will peel away the excess vinyl to reveal the eyelashes. Once revealed, you will put your transfer tape over the top as shown in the video above.

If you've making your vinyl eyelashes on your vinyl cutting machine, I recommend making a couple of them in case you make a mistake on the first round or if you'd like to try different sizes on your Ball® jar. I tried a few different sizes of eyelashes until I found the one that looked best to me.

step 4: apply lashes and put on lid

The last step before putting your makeup brushes in is to apply your vinyl eyelashes and your newly spray painted Ball® jar lid.

I had so much fun making the project and I think it turned out very well. I'm excited about my role as a Ball® Home Canning Ambassador for 2021 and cannot wait to keep sharing new ways to use your Ball® jars for your home organization and more!

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