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back-to-school: top 5 tips

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

You can't open a newspaper or watch TV without being reminded what time of year it is ... back-to-school season! While some kids around the country have already gone back or will be going back to school in August, many Minnesota schools will not start until after Labor Day.

Below are some tips I offer to help you prepare for school to start again, and tips to help you organize both your home and your mind.

TIP #1: Remain Calm

With all the media messages us telling us to buy, buy, buy! it's easy to get swept into the frenzy. Especially with the low prices. I mean, how can I not by 100 notebooks for only 10 cents a piece? Trust me, you'll spend less money and have more space in your house if you only buy what you need. Remaining calm and bringing a focused mindset to the back-to-school season will help you stay organized and on top of your to do list.

TIP #2: Take Stock

Before you do any shopping, take stock of what you have. Take stock of your paper, pencils, notebooks and other school supplies, as well as your shoes, clothing and backpacks. This step is critical. Without taking stock, you are likely to over buy. Make a list of the items you need now that you have the knowledge of what you already have.

TIP #3: Prep for Incoming Papers: Create a Memory Box

If you haven't already created a memory box for your kids. Back-to-school season is the perfect time to do so. It's simple to create and saves you so much stress during the school year. The supplies you need are a plastic file tote, hanging files and labels. You can find a list of products following this link to the Neat Little Nest store.

Neat Little Nest: Kid's Memory Box

TIP #4: Buy in One Swoop

With your list in hand, try to buy all of your back-to-school items in one swoop. This might be one hour, one morning, one day or one weekend. With a list in hand and focusing your energy on getting the task done, doing all of your shopping in one swoop will have you spending less of your precious summer time running around and stressing out about what is to come.

TIP #5: Be Present

One of the main reasons I recommend buying in one swoop is so that you can enjoy the month of August and continue to soak up all of the things summer has to offer. By being present and enjoying Summer while it is here, will help both you and your kids.

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