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Michele Vig, Neat Little Nest Owner + Chief Organizer

Hello! Here I share my passion for creating both beautifully organized + designed spaces. I hope you find some inspiration.


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It's been awhile ...

It's been almost two years since I wrote my last blog post. My last post was written about a month before my Dad died. I didn't even realize it until I looked today to see the last time I'd posted and then it all made sense.

I didn't have it in me to write.

I didn't have it in me to connect.

I didn't have the energy, the inspiration or the will to do it anymore.

Today, I feel differently. My energy is changing. My mind is growing and I've created a little more space for myself. It was in that space I realized I missed just sitting down to write and help in a different way by sharing from my heart.

Of course there is instagram and facebook and the list goes on ...

Sometimes though, we need a different type of energy than social media can offer. We need to pause and linger and read rather than scroll, scroll and scroll. In doing so, we create a little more space to really consider, listen and reflect. We can hear our souls reach out to us and tell us what they need.

In our fast-paced world of do more/buy more, I'm here to shine a light on buying and managing less so you can live more.

I'm excited to see where the blog might go this year. I'm excited to see how I can help you think about clutter differently, to help you declutter holistically and to help you (and me) continue to grow and change.

If you're ready for clutter-free inspiration and a clutter-free journey ahead, please join me.

Until next time,



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