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10 gifts to keep dad organized this Father's Day

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Father's Day is just around the corner, people are pondering what to give their dads as gifts this year. Every dad is different so there’s no one-size-fits-all gift idea, but we hope you will get inspiration from Neat Little Nest's top 10 picks for giving dads the gift of organization for Father's Day 2020.

handcrafted mobile tech lap desk

Many dads are working from home (now more than ever before). This handcrafted mobile lap desk from Etsy has slots in back for all of Dad's essentials like phones, wallets, glasses, airpods and pens. It even has a built-in mouse pad for added convenience. A huge "win" is that it's mobile so he can work, stream or read from anywhere.

wallet + phone organizer

Simplify dad's life by getting his phone and wallet organized altogether. This rich leather combo from Pottery Barn has a minimal vibe that is sure to please.

key finder

If Dad has a hard time keeping track of his keys, then the key finder by tile is a great option. You simply add the tile to your keys and then turn on a tracking device on your phone to help notify you where they are.

DIY (or for purchase) lego key holder

Speaking of keys, if you have a little one who would prefer to make dad's gift from scratch, then you could consider having them make a lego key holder. If you're not that handy, there are wonderful shops on Etsy that have options you can buy.

bike organizer

Are you looking to find a gift for the active dad? If so, this bike organizer might be the perfect solution. This model allows you to keep your phone safe but makes it easy to use the GPS through the weather proof clear sleeve. And let us not forget how the pack underneath minimizes all the stuff in dad's pockets.

tie rack (diy or buy)

Instead of getting another tie for dad to add to his collection, why not give him the gift of organization to help him keep those ties tidy. If you're handy, you can follow this tutorial to make the DIY rack shown below. If not, a simple cedar solution from Woodlore is a great alternative.

peg board system for hobbies

For the gadget dad, a peg board system can really amp up the organization in any garage or work area. This system is a fun (and sturdy) take on the traditional peg board systems. You are able to purchase accessories that work with this system and also use traditional peg accessories to mix and match.

customizable grill tools + accessories caddy

Most dads thoroughly enjoy standing with a cool beverage, basking in the aromas of meat slow-cooking on a grill. The only part that isn't enjoyable is when they can't find their grill spatula, tongs or forks. This accessories caddy is a toolbox of sorts, purposefully built for outdoor cooking supplies. And it even has a bottle opener on the side!

golf club organizer

Does your dad's golf clubs and accessories need a better place to live? Consider giving dad a simple golf club stand organizer to keep those clubs upright on display. It has storage along the side for all the balls, tees and shoes.

weights organizer

For the fitness enthusiast dads out there, consider helping him get those weights off the floor and organized onto a rack designed to hold them. Here you can find a few of our favorite fitness organizers.

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3 days ago

his blog post is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to help their dad stay organized this Father's Day. directv satellite tv The selection of gifts is thoughtful and practical, perfect for dads who appreciate a bit of order in their lives. I especially loved the suggestions for tech gadgets and stylish organizers. The detailed descriptions and links make it easy to find and purchase these items. Thanks for sharing such great ideas to make Father’s Day special!


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