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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mom's, this post is for you! I will show you the system I use to organize my kids art and school projects. This is a MUST do project for all Mom's with school aged kids.

Neat Little Nest: Organizing Kid's Art & School Projects

{Neat Little Nest}

As you can likely tell from the picture above, I have two kids - a boy named Owen and a girl named Julia. And like most parents, I wanted to keep almost everything they made ... which just isn't realistic, but I'll have to write about how I got over this issue in a post down the road.

Julia is the reason I had to find a system to organize art and school projects. After a few weeks of kindergarten, it was pretty clear that the system I was using from when she was in preschool (keeping almost everything is a big box) wasn't going to work until she was 18. So, I went to Pinterest and other websites for some inspiration and decided on a file tote box system. ​​​

{Neat Little Nest}


Neat Little Nest: Organizing Kid's Art & School Projects

{Neat Little Nest}

The system itself is VERY simple. I have one color hanging file for Julia and another color hanging file for Owen. The single color for each kid makes it easy to grab the box from the shelf when you need it.

I used a straight tab system (all in the middle of the hanging file folder) because it's the easiest to read quickly. I created tabs for each year (pre-school through 12th grade). I also have two other tabs (Medical: Check Up and Medical: Other) to keep all of the medical documents close at hand when kids are young.


Neat Little Nest: Organizing Kid's Art & School Projects

{Neat Little Nest}

{Neat Little Nest}

Once I had all my tabs done, the kids and I stuck on letter stickers I purchased from Michael's. They love anything stickers and anything with their names on it!

Now, whenever the kids bring something home from school that we want to save, we just grab down the box, file it quickly and we're done.

Really, it's that easy.

Another fun benefit of having the art and school projects neatly organized in one place is that from time-to-time the kids want to go through the box and look at all of the stuff they created when they were younger. And, because it is so well organized, it's easy for them to just look through one file at a time and put it back.

I hope this has inspired you to look at organizing kids art and school projects differently and will bring your family as much simplicity as it has for ours.

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