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​​I have a little nook in my house that had little purpose. It might have been an old bookcase, but the shelves were not functioning well so I knew it needed an update.

With two small kids and toys everywhere, I decided to use the space to store toys. I found inspiration online and then headed to a few stores: Menards, Target & Ikea.

I didn't want to spend a ton of money in this nook, so the shelving and brackets are from Menards. I've been very pleased with how well they've held up.

As usual, I purchased a bunch of different sized containers to try out different configurations as I don't love having to run out and get something when I'm in the middle of a project.

I like clear bins for toys so kids can see where things goes. Labels aren't very helpful when they cannot read.

When I originally made this nook, I created a desk using one shelf and putting two small chairs by it. The kids would color and play games and worked great until we transitioned into LEGOS!!! (OMG who knew that keeping Legos organized could be a part-time job!?!)

I'm amazed at how kids play with Legos these days - carefully following instructions to create a masterpiece for display (and maybe to play with a few times).

I decided the best way to "organize" the Legos was to just display them on shelves in this nook. Adding the shelves was easy as Menard's cut them to my desired length and I just screwed them into brackets underneath.

I'm pretty sure this nook will take on even more transformations as the kids get older, but for now it's serving this family of four well.

Neat Little Nest: Organizing Kids' Toys and Legos

{Neat Little Nest}

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