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Canned Foods for Emotional Support Felines - 2022 Guide

An emotional support animal is the type of pet that helps individuals cope with their mental health issues. You need an ESA letter, also known as a prescription or ESA evaluation, to allow the companionship of your pet anywhere you go. This official document certifies the essentiality of your pet's stay with you as part of your treatment.

The main factor to be taken care of for keeping your ESA healthy is to be mindful of its food intake. FDA does not regulate pet food; thus, various food companies volunteer to provide a standard diet for animals, including cats. Usually, vets recommend dry food as the best cat food, including Royal Canin Feline, Wellness Hairball Control, Lams Proactive, and Hairball Care.

As a person constantly requires the emotional support of his animal, ESA pets should be carefully fed. In case of poor diet, your pet may not be able to accompany you outside your home. Pets may not be able to actively metabolize various food items, especially during festivals, which can make your ESA pet sick.

While getting an esa letter for housing for an allergic person, it should be ensured that the animal is hypoallergenic. Even though no breed is absolutely hypoallergenic, various breeds have little risk of causing allergies than others. Such dog breeds shed the least amount of fur or dander and have been categorized as hypoallergenic dogs. Examples of these are Chinese crested, basenji, bichon frise, Bedlington terrier.

Some of the dangerous or hazardous food items you should avoid serving your ESA cat or dog may include sweets and desserts such as cakes and puddings. It is because sweets are mostly made of dried fruits like grapes, sultanas, and raisins containing toxins that are extremely harmful to ESA pets. They may cause diarrhea, vomiting, and kidney issues.

Various festive foods include avocado seeds or other stone fruit, and ingestion of these seeds may lead to pancreatic disease. Due to its appealing fragrance, the pet can be inclined to consume nutmeg, which may harm its health. If an ESA dog or cat eats nutmeg, it can lead to tremors, heightened heart rate as well as seizures.

Festive foods include chocolates in multiple desserts that contain toxic 'theobromine.’ The toxicity of chocolate may prove to be hazardous for ESA cats and dogs as it may cause vomiting, diarrhea, excessive urination, and hyperactivity. It can also cause abnormal heartbeat, seizures, or coma. In extreme cases, this toxicity can lead to the demise of ESA pets.

Festive food and emotional support animal letter, especially cats and dogs, do not make a decent match all the time. Here have been mentioned several common food items that could prove dangerous for your ESA pets to consume. So, you should make sure to stay extra vigilant while feeding your ESA pets during festivals.

Festivals have grand parties with multiple chicken dishes. Feeding your pet cooked bones could be dangerous as cooked bones are softer and may result in dental concerns. These bones may also come to be lodged in your ESA pet’s throat or mouth or even may splinter inside the intestine and cause perforation. These events could lead to a potentially life-threatening condition.

ESA dogs, as well as cats, are ruthlessly prone to adverse outcomes from using little volumes of alcohol, and in the case of large amounts, it could be fatal for your pet. Cats could be especially fascinated by cocktails that contain White Russians and eggnog.

Another alarm for ESA pets attending festivals along with you is their consumption of food items that are high in fats. Pancreatitis could be one of the common life-threatening ailments that may result from ESA cats and dogs swallowing table scraps and everyday human foods. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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