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Event Inquiries

For event inquiries, please contact: Jennifer Weismann at 612.716.0556


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St. Andrew Lutheran Church

March 13th, 20th, 27th @ 6:00pm

Decluttering for the Soul:

3 Part Series

In this three-week course, Michele Vig, Minnesota's first KonMari-certified organizer will lead participants through a series of exercises that will help them envision their most desired life, help them un-stuff their space and help them declutter their day + their mind. You will not want to miss this opportunity to take time to declutter your space, your time and your spirit!


Finding Your Passion + Purpose

Mount Olivet  |  March 4 @ 6:30pm

Come hear Michele Vig, Founder and Chief Organizer of Neat Little Nest, speak on the topic of “Finding your Passion + Purpose.”  Michele will share her philosophy on how organizing (mind/time/stuff) has helped her unlock her own potential and how she is deeply passionate about helping unlock it for others.

For those just getting to know me, I’m M

Decluttering for the Soul:

Envisioning Your Desired Life

The Marsh  |  March 7 @ 6:30pm

A successful executive at Caribou Coffee for years, Michele Vig left the corporate world to follow her passion and became the first Minnesotan certified in the KonMari method of decluttering. She married the KonMari decluttering method with the signature Neat Little Nest organization-style to help transform people’s lives through organization. Using a 3-dimension perspective, Michele inspires by helping people connect to why they want to declutter – their stuff, their space and their mind – then provides tangible tools to help you get there.

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