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morning routine

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

For some, morning is their favorite time of the day and they savor its peaceful simplicity. For others, the morning is a difficult time that is a struggle to work through each day. Regardless of how you feel about mornings, most research suggest that a morning routine is so beneficial because it can help set a positive tone for your whole day. And most of us have plenty of examples of what happens when your day starts out poorly as life can pull us in so many directions.

Personally, I've benefited from a morning routine as it's help me be more present, more grateful and also live a healthier life. Below is a snapshot of my typical morning routine.

Neat Little Nest: Morning Routine

The reason my morning routine is so beneficial to me is that it helps me set a positive tone for my whole day. When I start my day with reflection, exercise, nutrition and goal setting, I'm very clear on what I want to accomplish for the day. And with my mind focused and organized around what's important, my actions follow suit.

Of course I'm not the first person to advocate the power of a morning routine, so let me share some other tips on building a powerful morning routine.

Hydrate First Thing

When we wake up from our slumber, we are likely a little dehydrated. For that reason, it's important to hydrate in the morning. Many health experts taught the benefits of lemon water in the morning as it helps hydrate and aids in digestion.


Morning workouts are wonderful for your body and some research suggest that people who exercise in the morning may burn more body fat and stress less.

Eat Breakfast

Making time for a healthy breakfast helps you stay at a healthy weight and can stabilize blood sugar levels. Practically, eating breakfast gives our bodies the fuel we need to work and the fuel our children need to learn while at school. There are so many options available for a healthy breakfast, so find one that suits you as long as "skipping it" isn't one of your choices.

Focused Quiet Time

Many top health experts use morning time focused on setting goals and practicing mindfulness will increase focus, allow you to handle stress, improve your relationships and boost your brainpower. Many moms practice this because they've learned that when they can set aside quiet time in the morning for themselves they are more mentally and physically ready to care of others, including their kids.

Add a Gratitude Practice

Spending a few minutes reflecting on the blessings in your life has a way of calming and relaxing and overwhelmed mind. It helps put challenges into perspective.

If you're struggling with a morning routine, take small steps to change. Below are some examples of small steps you could take today to help you change your morning routine. Whatever you choose, take the first step, which could be a simple as waking up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow than today.

Wake Up Earlier

If you're not a morning person, you might need to begin training your body to wake up earlier and having an alarm to get you up and going can help tremendously. The alarm clock below gets many rave reviews from my friends and across the web for the different sounds you are able to choose.

Buy a Journal

Another small step to change your morning routine might be to journal your thoughts first thing in the morning and write down your goals for the day.

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