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organizing a medicine cabinet

Updated: Feb 12

Functionally, the medicine cabinet is one of the all stars of storage in a bathroom, but it can also become one of the most unorganized and messy spaces. The depth constraints of most medicine cabinets, coupled with the sheer volume of smaller items, creates the greatest challenge. The simplest approach to organizing a medicine cabinet is to divide the items in the cabinet into logical subcategories. Once items are divided into subcategories, find small containers to hold each subcategory. To take the design esthetics of the cabinet up a notch, add a beautiful piece of paper to the back wall and labels to the containers for both form and function.

An added challenge for this medicine cabinet revamp was that two children share the space. Each child was given a designated container (a pencil cup for this project) to hold all of the tooth-brushing supplies. This allows each child to grab their entire container, use the contents, put the contents back into the container and put the container back into the medicine cabinet. This solution has been given the seal of approval from both the children and the parents. The names on the containers easily helps mom know if someone hasn't put it back into it's designated spot.

The function of this pencil cup by Poppin in this medicine cabinet revamp was perfect. It has three compartments allowing the front space to hold the floss, while the back space holds the toothbrush and toothpaste. It looks beautiful and is highly functional, which is the aim for all Neat Little Nest storage solutions.

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