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taming the stuffed animals

Updated: Feb 12

Some children absolutely love stuffed animals. The stuffed animals become their imaginary play pals, they serve as a comforter and they bring the children a lot of joy. While they do bring a lot of joy, they can also bring a lot of disorganization to a child's room. If you have a child that loves stuffed animals, but do not want them covering the entire bed or all over the floor, this organization solution is for you.

The solution is simply to gather up all of the stuffed animals that still bring joy to the child, and put them inside of a bean bag cover. The one here is from Pottery Barn Kids.

The simplicity and effectiveness of this solution is amazing. Within a few minutes, all of the stuffed animals are neatly tucked into the bean bag cover. Of course, the most important stuffed animals still earn the coveted spot on the bed.

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