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folding + organizing t-shirts

Updated: Feb 12

The key to keeping drawers organized is pretty simple and can be done in two steps: sorting + folding. And although it's not difficult, it does require some focused time and attention to be successful. It often also requires re-learning the art of how to fold clothes for maximum efficiency.

SORTING: To achieve a beautifully organized drawer, the first step is to gather up all of your clothes. Once you have all of the clothes in one large pile, divide them into sub categories: socks, underwear, bras, tank tops, t-shirts, etc. This is a critical step - it is essential that you sort by category and not by location.

Once your clothes are in sub categories, pick up each item of clothes in each sub category and focus on what you want to keep. Keep only the items that bring you the most joy. Donate or discard the rest. Don't put anything back into the drawer that you doesn't bring you joy. Continue to do this until you have sorted through all of the categories!

Once you've sorted through everything, it is time to fold.

FOLDING: Folding is a chore that many of us learned in a very informal way. Many of us learned how to fold from our mother who learned from her mother who learned from her mother. And most of us learned to fold like they do in clothing stores, which it turns out isn't the best way to fold for efficiency.

The best way is to fold so the clothes can stand up on their own as KonMari has taught the world. To do this, you must focus on folding the clothes into a rectangle and roll them up. You can find a tutorial on how to fold the KonMari way here.

Once you learn this style of folding, you will quickly be able to reap the benefits of being able to see all of your clothes easily and having drawers that are as functional as they are beautiful.

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